Iron Maiden: Leiden 80. Goenoordhall, Leiden, Holland. 05.10.80




This show is reviewed here as incomplete version, really short, but that one is fake, this one has many mistakes, first of all this version supposed to be full show but The Ides of March is lost, supposed to have Phantom of the opera but in fact is Transylvania, and Drifter lasts just 2 minutes, so with 2 different set list I decided to ask, and I got information from Trevor aka Tay666 and Dr. Demonic, and here what Dr. Demonic did as resume.


Here is what I can tell you about it.


Version 1 (17:05)


1 - The Ides Of March (0:37)

2 - Wrathchild (2:59)

3 - Prowler (3:55)

4 - Charlotte The Harlot (4:09)

5 - Remember Tomorrow (5:23)


I'm sure that this version 1 is NOT the Leiden show.

Because it contains Charlotte The Harlot and that song wasn't played during the tour supporting Kiss in September and October 1980.

No existing recording from that tour has this song.


Version 2 (32:24)


1 - Sanctuary (4:58)

2 - Prowler (4:33)

3 - Remember Tomorrow (6:20)

4 - Running Free (4:12)

5 - Transylvania (4:43)

6 - Iron Maiden (5:28)

7 - Drifter (2:06) (cut)


Version 3 (33:48)


1 - The Ides Of March (last seconds) / Sanctuary (4:40)

2 - Prowler (4:02)

3 - Remember Tomorrow (5:46)

4 - Running Free (3:28)

5 - Transylvania (4:45)

6 - Iron Maiden (2:01) (cut)

7 - Drifter (9:03)


Info about version 2 and version 3:

Crowd noise (commentaries) is the same in both versions.

So either the taper struggled with two different recording devices or two tapers were standing right next to each other.

Definitely two different recordings, because in version 2 Iron Maiden is complete and Drifter is cut, in version 3 it's the other way around.

Unlike version 2, version 3 is missing some crowd noise between songs.

In version 2 the left channel has a very low volume level, in version 3 the channels are balanced.


Info about Phantom Of The Opera:

We don't know if these recordings are really from the Leiden show, but Phantom wasn't played that evening.

Both version 2 and 3 continue uninterrupted between Transylvania and Iron Maiden (where Phantom should normally be).

So either this is not Leiden or the cover is wrong.

Who knows....... :/


My personal opinion is this recordings are fake, all of them, and there are also problems with Leiden 81 so I guess a trader launched these shows knowing they were fake, trying to get more material in the old days, and the real fact that all versions are different and probably fake has been discovered until now 2014


Thank you very much to Tay666 & Dr Demonic for all their help with this one



Audience recording, Quality 6




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