Wish list:


For this shows unless we have traded before I will ask that you send them first, to be totally sure that I'm getting what I want.


I'm looking for some special concerts; I will pay 5:1 cd's for them.


Mexico City 01.10.92 Please be totally sure is not Fear of Mexico from one day later, you can check it with the speech about the drum clinic.

Guadalajara 04.10.92 I know that this one is out there.

Mexico City 04.09.96 I know that this one is out there.

Monterrey 07.09.96

Monterrey 07.08.98


All of them are from Mexico, I accept them in video, DAT, mini disc, tape or whatever you have them on.



Also some concerts from other dates that I will pay 3:1 cd's for them


London Pinewood studios 27.08.93

Munich 08.11.80

Uxbridge 21.11.80

Hull city 02.05.83

London 12.12.88